Compassionate counselling & psychotherapy for trauma, OCD, anxiety, and other challenges. You matter. You are welcome here.


Welcome! My name is Laura, and my practice is a safe space where you will be met with non-judgement and support. I am here to listen, as well as to collaborate with you as both a professional and a fellow human being.

I work out of Resiliency Clinic in Ottawa, Ontario. I offer in-person appointments, as well as virtual appointments for any resident of Ontario. I look forward to standing with you on your journey toward healing and growth.



If you're feeling apprehensive or nervous about beginning therapy, you're not alone. As human beings, we tend to find the prospect of opening up and addressing our struggles to be challenging. By visiting therapists' websites and considering seeking help, you have taken a massive step, and I commend you for the strength that it took to get here.

Therapy is all about collaborating with a professional to work toward healing. People seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons, from feeling lost in their lives to coping with mental health conditions. There is no wrong time to seek therapy. Therapy is not magic, but it is an evidence-based tool that can help.

We'll begin with an intake session in order to gain understanding about your background and challenges. If I'm a good match for you as a therapist, we will begin to work together. For more information, please click here.



In-person in Ottawa, or by video from anywhere in Ontario.



Resiliency Clinic: 2200 Prince of Wales Dr., Unit 100

Resiliency Clinic Website



Instagram: @laura.c.damico

A space for encouragement and information (but never a replacement for therapy!)